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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> gunfire and airstrikes filled the streets of libya as gaddafi loyalists and try to force the rebels out of tripoli. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. libyan rebels forced their way into muammar gaddafi's compound.
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>> the rebel assault is continuing. rebels now say they have wallhed the restwestern and are inside the compound and are fighting with everything they have. there have been heavy exchanges of fire and smoke can be seen rising from the compound itself. there has been what sounds like a tank shells and artillery fire going into the compound, fired by the rebels, perhaps being fired by nato aircraft as well. if this main compound, still held or sort of held by gaddafi's forces, falls, tripoli will have a fallen to the rebels. >> the situation in libya continues down it's a volatile path, and it local mother is praying her son will make it home safely. matthew van dyke is a freelance
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journalist who went to libya months ago to document the historic uprising. at last check, he was being detained at a tripoli prison. her mother -- his mother has been in contact with the state department to determine his whereabouts but little information has turned up. . >> we are into six months now, and that is way too long. your only child, although he is a grown man now, missing, and knowing he is in a country at war. >> see how the world is reacting to the latest developments in libya, and a timeline of gaddafi's 42-year rule. go to there is a link under "hot topics." >> we are soaking up this beautiful weather pattern across the mid-atlantic, especially in maryland. there has hardly been a cloud in the sky. we also have a very low humidity
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and comfortable temperatures for the month of august. 76 at the airport. humidity way down, 37%. winds have helped to give things a bit of a cool breeze at times. we are expecting temperatures to warm up a little bit more. high of 81 or 82 towards this afternoon. we will go back down into the night. how cool will it get? we will talk about that in the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a two- alarm fire that struck a business center in atlanta, this morning. anne arundel county fire crews responded to the call shortly after 5:30. smoke came from the pack and interior of the building up on their p -- upon their arrival. the blaze was brought under control, 6:45. the body of a missing temple university graduate from cockeysville has been recovered.
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the remains of roswell franchot were recovered in philadelphia -- roswell friend were recovered in philadelphia. he was last seen thursday night when he left his home to go jogging. baltimore county police say that 44-year-old vincent forney was visiting a female friend at saturday night at forest ave. officials say that a 39-year-old was stabbed during an argument with him after he arrived at the woman's home. police were called when the victim tried to drive away and crashed his car. meanwhile, the trial of two brothers accused of murdering a disabled man to collect insurance money could soon go to a jury. 's good as clay -- prosecutors claim that james pate his brother to tell the man. a third person -- to kill the man so author person could take out insurance money. -- so that a third person to
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take insurance money. as part of a plea deal, the third person is expected to testify against the brothers . a psychologist its guilty to assaulting his client street given trump is accused of an uproar of the touching three girl -- david schrumpf use of inappropriately touching three girls. he must surrender his psychologist license and register as a sex offender. dismissal of charges against dominique strauss-kahn is expected today when the the former imf chief appears in court. >> it all began with this dramatic per watt. dominique strauss-kahn would then quit as head of the powerful i am after it is chances of becoming president -- head of the powerful imf. his chances of becoming
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president of france apparently gone. the case against him began to unravel. his accuser, 33, stood silently by her attorney moments after prosecutors told them that they would drop the case against strauss-kahn. >> manhattan district attorney cyrus vance has denied the right of all men -- of a woman to get justice in a rape case. >> prosecutors said that in a moment provided shifting and inconsistent versions of the events surrounding the -- said that the woman provided shifting and consistent versions of the events surrounding the alleged sexual assault, and that it is impossible to resolve the question of what exactly happened in strauss-kahn's suite.
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legal experts say that prosecutors had little choice. >> the district attorney has to rely on the credibility of witnesses, or else she should not be putting it forth in court. >> they say she has given at least three different versions of what she did in the minutes right after the alleged attack in strauss-kahn's suites. >> they told me, i want you to know that i'm completely innocent. . >> up viagra for an nbc news consultant has been in touch with the spouse -- a biographer and nbc news consultant has been in touch with strauss-kahn since the arrest. later today, it is expected to be a very brief, final appearance before a judge. >> two music idols passed away. coming up, the classic each
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election will be remembered for. -- each legend will be remembered for. human trials -- a a vaccine shows promising results for curing cancer in dogs, but is it safe for humans? carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer plant and gardening questions.
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>> tentered remains an eight critical condition after police say he was dropped from a parking garage. officials are using security video to try to determine the identity of the child and the person who dropped him. a seventh person has died in the horrific estate collapse at the indiana state fair. she suffered a head injury when at the stage scaffolding collapsed on august 13. the 24-year-old ohio native was a cheerleading coach. she passed away last night. at least a dozen other victims are hospitalized, some with critical injuries. still to come, carrie engel from valley view farms will answer your plan questions. but first -- >> it is like being in a film where you are waiting for the
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word "cut." >> kate winslet hailed as a hero. >> hurricane irene now or north of hispaniola. we will talk about it in a few minutes in the forecast. 76 at b.w.i., 79 at the inner harbor.
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>> the world is remembering two musical legends today. baltimore native and a rock-and- roll song writer jerry leiber died yesterday. he wrote lyrics for the coasters and elvis presley, most notably "jailhouse rock." nick ashford passed away yesterday. he performed with his wife, valerie simpson, and they performed huge motown hits.
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he was 70 years old. actress kate winslet is being held as a hero after a dramatic rescue. she was vacationing at the private island, sir richard branson when the building caught fire. in a panic, she rescued branson's 90-year-old mother. >> she said it is like being in a film where you are waiting for the word "cut." she was great. she got them out of the house. >> there were 20 guests in the home at the time of the fire. luckily, no one was hurt. the bransons have owned a home for more than 30 years. >> now your forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> 79 at the inner harbor, 77
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edgewood, 84 in frederick. for being a the new tower, seventies don't sound too bad. we will be at 80 across parts of the area this afternoon. here's a look at the polar bears in this you and and they are playing in this now. -- in the zoo and they are playing in that now. -- the snow. just a few high clouds towards the west. this was keeping our weather very quiet for now. eventually, a new storm system is likely to head towards the area late in the week. this could get hung up depending on what irene dies. the end of the week will depend on what irene decides to do. it is pushing north of hispaniola, where it is a category 2 storm. wince sustained at 100 miles per hour. very heavy rain, high winds and
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high surf. irene is likely to continue to track in a west, northwest fashion. right now at 11 miles per hour. it is going to be affecting the bonds as a category 3 storm. we are expecting the path to continue to shift to the east. i could be impacting the carolinas as a major hurricane as we get into the middle and end of the week. with enough momentum likely to track all the way into the mid- atlantic, it could hold together as a category one storm. this is definitely something we keep in mind. if we have any impact from irene, saturday night into sunday when we talk about heavy rain and high winds and high surf. the big concern for the outer banks if irene takes that track. we have to keep an eye on where irene continues to go. you can add to the website and track irene yourself. winds will be fairly light.
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that will allow temperatures to drop on down. 66 at the inner harbor. some of the suburbs could get to the 50's once again. good night to open up the windows. just keep in mind the pollen count and will account, i to moderate. -- and mold count, high to moderate. clear skies overnight into tomorrow. temperatures will be warming up into the late week. the storm system moves in thursday through friday. it could get hung up as irene makes her way up the east coast. if we see an impact, it could be saturday night in this in. it could lead to additional flooding. if that happens, we will keep you tune. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. how are you? >> a very good.
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if your plants are like mine, they look a little tired. things like coral bell, and i love these, the peppers. >> beautiful to look at, to. i don't know if i want a taste 1, though. >> give it a shot. the packers are not going to last -- peppers are not going to last long, but you can treat them as houseplants. >> by the way, my plans always looked tired. [laughter] you can, but i am not sure it is worth it. they are so big and they grow so fast. there's actually a big potato tuber there. pull that out, and just like you would with potatoes and
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onions, keep them militarily dry. they grow so fast. i asked this question once to a friend of mine who happens to run a printing business. if it is in your way, get rid of it. it is a little messy, maybe, but in general -- i was out this morning in my own yard -- >> the pine tree? >> not the pine tree, but renovation. there are covers out there that are just like translucent white fabric, and they are great for this time of year. put it over and it will stop them from laying eggs. there are also some pesticides that are botanical or they are not really dangerous to use.
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this does go after things like caterpillars and cabbageworm and things like that. before what, they do not-it's between of monarch, a butterfly and cabbageworm. >> we want to thank everyone who posted on facebook. we got a lot of questions, so we will continue to use those as he returned every week. > -- as you return every week. we encourage you to send your plant and gardening questions -- you can e-mail us or you can send pictures of your plant and garden to -- doctors are now testing a new brain cancer vaccine on siemens after successfully using the
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technique to treat cancer in dogs. the small shepherd mix in the study received a vaccine of his own purified tumor cells, which doctors say train to the immune system to attack its own tumor. the new therapy is being tested on seven cancer patients across the nation. researchers say is too early to tell whether the vaccine is safe for humans, but they add that it could be an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation. a doctor in brazil is taking extra precautions to protect the home after suffering several break-ins. the orthopedist take dozens of h.i.v.-infected needles around her property. her condo manager has ordered the doctor to remove the needles and fined her more than $100,000. she could lose her medical license, pending an investigation. coming up, another check of the
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insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> tonight at 5:00, for ecasters keeping an eye on irene. and libyan rebels stormed the gaddafi compound. and tim tooten takes us to anne arundel county. that is when you join us at 5:00.
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and now maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon. your pick 3 numbers for tuesday, august 23. 6. 7 5 there are lots of great ravens rituals, like the cash that is the scratch-off from the maryland lottery. tell us your ritual at your pick four numbers are 3 1 3 8. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play.
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>> it is beautiful for now, but of course, you are keeping a close eye on irene. >> there are lots of possibilities where irene could go. one of those is a spitting a category one hurricane. if it is close, saturday night through sunday. end of the week, we see a storm chance is increase with the storm system moving into the area. >> we know you will be watching closely along with the rest of the gang. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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